Article Variation

  • Color Variation

    Track Operations Per Color Variations of the Style/Article. Some Fabric and Trim Requirements can overlap and some requirements can be drastically diffrent. GPro manages all the seperate Bill of Materials for each color.

  • Size Variation

    Track Operations Per Size Variations of the Style/Article.GPro will track these Size variations from creation till shipment.

  • Fit Variation

    Articles can have Multiple Fit Sizes (Slim,Regular etc.). These Variations can have implications on the Fabric Cutting. GPro Tracks all those seperate operations to reduce any complications.

  • Garment Variation

    Articles Orders can be in form of Multiple Packs and can have Multiple Types of Garments within a Single Pack.

Setup, Manage and Track

GPro Makes it Possible to Manage and Track every single batch of inventory from Yarn,Fabric,Trims To Finished Garments as well as Chemical Inventory. Each Requirement is logged to a specific order and issuance and recieving is also tracked with refferance to the order.

GPro Features

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